How exciting that you just completed your new book! I look forward to its release.

In the meantime I'll be sharing from the pages of your first book in order to assist my dear friend who is critically ill.

So grateful for the wonderful knowledge you share with the world and its amazing impact.

Fingerplay has made profound changes at critical times for me and others.

–Deva Anderson

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I was just given a copy of your book. I love it! You have reminded me to just use my fingers. In fact, I’m holding my fingers of my left hand now as I’m writing to you. I get a weekly Jin Shin treatment and it has helped me so much in my late life.

At one time I thought about writing a book about the mudras that the Fingers make in Jin Shin. I’m so glad I didn’t do it because I would have made it too complex. You have done an excellent job of simplifying it! I know how hard you’ve worked to create this book! Congratulations! It’s excellent!


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I've been fingerplaying away morning acid reflux nausea for awhile now, and recently took on a Project to deal with my sleep apnea episodes. I'm a couple of weeks into that one and so far, I've been waking up refreshed, with none of the apnea sleep deprivation!

I've also calmed myself down by playing my pinkies. This stuff works!


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