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Each of our fingers has attributes it enhances and those it reduces as shown below. Fingers can be played individually to enhance/reduce or in sequences called fingerplay songs™ which enhance our body's ability to return to it's own silent harmony.


Each song's music is played with your fingers. Music is arranged in chords which are shown as symbols between vertical lines. Drawings show you finger positions for each chord. The symbols above the horizontal line are for one hand and the symbols below the line are for the other hand. Gently hold the fingerplays for each chord, relax your shoulders and just exhale until you feel a gentle pulse under your thumbs and/or fingers or until you have a big sigh of relief, or hold as long as you like, and then move on and repeat if the song has more than one chord.

Songs have two sides, left and right.

  • When your left hand plays the notes for hand 1 and your right plays hand 2, you are playing the left song.
  • When your right hand plays hand 1 and your left hand plays hand 2, you are playing the right song.

Restore has one song only, play hands as shown.


Our bodies are vibrational instruments. Instruments can make harmony or discord. With our fingers, we play the instrument of ourselves. We can increase many kinds of harmony and melt away many kinds of discord. We can tune our own body/instrument to play it's own silent songs in harmony. Fingerplay™ teaches you how to do that.

I am here to teach you a new language. The language that your fingers use to bring your silent harmony to your bodies. Your physical body, your emotional body and your spiritual body. All brought to harmony with the songs you can play on your fingers.

This language, Fingerplay™, plays vibrational songs to your body that bring freedom from pain, freedom from unwanted emotions and restoration of your connection with your most divine self.

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